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exclusive handmade shoes!
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This website is for visitors who fancy lovely, expertly crafted, handmade shoes. The footwear we produce in our workshop is made from carefully selected raw materials of excellent quality.
Select one of our timeless, classic models, or a pair of shoes that has a more daring design and color. Either way, one thing is for sure: no matter how you decide, you will be the happy owner of an expertly crafted, customized, and individual pair of shoes.
Please take a moment and take a tour to look at our assortment.

8. Eel shoes
Unique, extremely comfortable, excellent, artisan eel leather shoes.

Do you want a
unique pair of ATTILA Shoes?

Here is what you need to do:

Visit our shop at 10 Váci street, Budapest.

Choose between unique shoes in standard sizes and custom-made shoes tailored to your feet.

We will help you choose and create the most suitable footwear for you.

Selection and/or sizing

Our shoes are handmade with special care and attention to detail, which is why each pair of the ATTILA shoes is characterised by sophistication, high quality and uniqueness. We will help you choose the footwear that best suits your style.

If the standard sized shoes do not fit your feet or you have your own specific idea, we will make you the shoes you want, made to measure!

In this case you have the opportunity to specify all the details. With our help you can choose the model, the shape of your shoes, the technology as well as the type and colour of the materials used.

A good idea:
Adding an initials to your shoes can make it even more unique!

How to wear, care
and repair

All ATTILA Shoes come with detailed instructions for wearing, care and storage.

Of course, we also provide service for our shoes from time to time, repairing wear and tear caused by use, and carrying out maintenance work according to the high quality we are used to!

Are you interested? Contact us!